Scotland after the YES vote…

Mr. Salmond managed to spark flame of nationalism in Scotland. I can see euphoria and even aggression of the YES voters. But as I tweeted – be careful jumping into that euphoric river of independence, once it resides, you may discover it was a tsunami – but it will be too late, bridges will be gone.

No, I do not want to scaremonger – polls suggest that 61% of voters do not know what does devolution mean after the No vote. However I would like to see the polls of how many voters do know what are the current powers of Scottish parliament now?

I would like to know it from especially from Yes voters…

So what will the Yes vote bring?

At first there will lengthy discussions and accusations in media – like in bad divorce about the responsibilities, borders, budgets, deficits, splitting of national companies… It will be civilised at first but fireballs of blame, accusations and conspirations will be thrown through the new border soon – from both sides. This will settle after about a year as public on both sides of the border will loose appetite to listen to those stories… God forbid Scottish economy will get worse in the meantime or shortly after independence – the blame will be put on English heads – always – and this will be the norm for the years to come. This is how nationalistic parties as SNP work and this feeds their voters and their wins.

After disagreement about keeping British Pound or after the first economic difficulties of a independent Scotland, we will see the birth of Scottish Pound. Scottish Pound will be about 10%-20% cheaper than British Pound – if it will still bears its name.

Yes vote will also bring the rise of clientelism and corruption covered by bureaucracy on the bases of crony capitalism. Scottish local politicians will suddenly become state politicians. I’m not sure if their backbones are so strong to bear this change – Yes voters can only hope. Even if they magically resist that temptation, they need to have a skills to perform their job at a state level – they don’t have it now. Also Scotland will become suddenly a country where “everybody knows everybody” – this brings different “modus operandi” for politicians and departments.

Scotland will also join EU – but knowing EU bureaucracy it won’t be fast and it won’t be free. It will be also interesting to see if Scotland will join NATO – perhaps Trident removal will be reconsidered as part of NATO strategy…

Budget of Scotland as independent country will be very tight as SNP plans to support ever growing NHS, free services, elderly care and there will be new items on the bill – such as army and border protection. So the only way how to plug this hole will be a tax rise.

I also do not want to speculate what will happen with Scottish budget if another recession strikes in the meanwhile or if just oil prices significantly drop – for example 30-40%.

On the positive side – Mr. Salmond’s close supporters will be obviously better off. Also Edinburgh as a new capital will see economic boom and property price rise. However Glasgow may suffer more if SNP does not support it. Also rural Scotland will be worse off – with property prices falling at many places.

On the other hand when people of Scotland will be finally fed-up about SNP (it can last 10+ years), there will be a good ground for the rise of a true Scottish conservative party – somebody will have to fix Scottish economy at the end. We know too well socialism isn’t working…

In final – England will suffer temporarily as well as price for Scottish independence will be too high.

All this mess will settle after about 15-20 years and new generations won’t have memory of it anymore – however my dear Yes voters – do you really want to go through this?


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Russia – first shoot, then identify – the truth about Malaysian flight MH17

Sorry for wrong link, the article is under below link

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Russia – first shoot, then identify – the truth about Malaysian flight MH17

Based on the intercepted conversation of Russian separatists, they shoot the commercial aircraft first (mistaken it for Ukrainian cargo aircraft Antonov AN-26) and only AFTER they shot it down, they identified it…

Here is the link to intercepted conversation, it is also clear they used Russian BUK system:

And here are more details – I want to highlight how separatists updated and removed the information about shootout from the social media:

And if you still don’t believe it and you think we are biased by anti Russian propaganda, check this: There exists automated web-site which creates snapshots of many Internet pages. It is called Way back machine on As you can see the scene picture released on separatists social media site is the same as Malaysian fligth MH17. The only difference is that they mistaken it for Antonov AN-26:

So here is the snapshot:

So first they published it and then removed and now they lie saying it was done by Ukraine.

More details are here:

In summary it is clear that Russian separatists are lying and they should be made accountable for lives of 298 innocent civilians.

Russian separatists web-site confirms shootout of Antonov AN-26 mistaken for Malaysian MH17

Russian separatists web-site confirms shootout of Antonov AN-26 mistaken for Malaysian MH17

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Why should Scotland stay in the UK

First of all: Scotland has whole eternity to split from the UK, however once it is done, there won’t be a way back, so Scots should think twice before they cast their vote…

Second argument is how is SNP prepared to govern. I do not think they are ready and they have economic plan thought through – especially when I see speeches of Nicola Sturgeon. This argument is also supported by the Pound schism where Scots plan to keep the Pound, whilst English have the opposite idea… If Scotland has it’s own Pound, it will be cheaper than British Pound, making all imported goods more expensive (together with argument 5 below).

Third argument is also economic – Yes voters assume they will be simply better off in independent Scotland. Yet they expect better government services and support which will result in bigger government. But I’m in doubt oil money will be able to cover it on its own so this may result in higher taxes…

Fourth argument is public sector employment – as you know government does not create value, it is created in the private sector. Even if government is in possession of valuable resources – such as oil, it is not managing it effectively. Scotland has higher public sector employment (around 23%) compared to UK average – around 19% – this would create additional pressure on the budget of independent Scotland.

Fifth argument is that once Scotland is independent small country, all the goods and services for which they currently pay UK “wholesale” price will be more expensive.
This include prices for postage and transport which will reflect into prices of all goods and services – so everything (including food, clothing, cars…) will be slightly more expensive as it is in the UK.

Sixth argument is that Scottish independent TV and Radio won’t have luxurious budget BBC has. The also won’t have the same wholesale prices for imported products as BBC with larger target market has. So again – there will be lower production, less choice, lower quality. Less money for culture, music and even sport.

The last argument I have that companies residing in Scotland may move their headquarters from Scotland to the UK in case there is economic advantage of doing so. I don’t think Scotland will be able to compete with England if it comes to the size of the market or even compete in the tax benefits race.

I think Scots are better off in the UK despite I think it is not so beneficial for English – especially with the current parlament(s) setup.

So Scotland – think twice if you want to stay and be supported by exclusive club called United Kingdom ;)

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Ed Miliband’s father and Mr. Obama

Was he Marxists or not? Yes he was! Simples: Marxists do not like the state. However all Ed’s Oxbridge friends stepped up for him – including David Cameron. Some say Ed’s father fought in WW2 for Britain. I don’t think so. I think he fought against fascism, but not for the country.
Another Marxist – same as Ed Miliband’s father – is Mr. Obama. He can struck deal with Taliban, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, just not with Republicans… He can just blame them. There are always two parties needed for a deal. Question for all liberal media – Isn’t Mr. Obama the problem as well?

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Another sign of dying civilisation

NEWS: UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg will urge the Tories to support Palestinian request for recognition of statehood at United Nations. The UN will vote this month on an application by the Palestinian president Abbas for observer status. This would imply recognition of the territory as a sovereign state. A ‘source’ said “Nick feels because they are going to be definitely doing it [applying], and clearly going to win the vote, it’s important for us to vote for them to have observer status and not abstain.”

I almost doubt this needs any comment at all. And the funniest thing is I am pretty sure David and William will be keen listeners to Clegg’s drivel.  Agrrrh?! What kind of coalition is this?  Actually, what kind of the Conservative party when it can sit in one government with people like that? But in fact, it’s not surprising at all. This is the party where moderate lightweight Mitt Romney and fiscally sane Paul Ryan were considered ‘radicals’. Where the-leader-in-waiting (Boris that is) is supporting state-intrusive policies while sticking his head into environmentalist arses in the same sentence as he is defending banks and big businesses. It’s the party that is actually ‘obsessed’ with how it we’ll lose the next election (in 2015!!!) and what’s the quickest way to get back to power. Hello?! Wake up! It’s 2012 and the third dip is coming? Perhaps we can try to start solving the economy before we start campaigning and, for that matter, start musing on recognition of the  Palestinian state?!

By the way, which Palestinian state? The one (not)ruled by corrupt dinosaurs (West Bank) or the one ruled by corrupt terrorists (Gaza) showering Israel with rockets? What kind of new manners is it, to recognize territories who promise to obliterate an already existing state?

And to top it up. The Guardian reports: “a majority of Europeans want their governments to vote in favour of Palestine at the UN, polls have revealed.”

What kind of Civilization is this? Renouncing its own roots and history. Throwing its friends to the wolves.

I’ll tell you: a dying one.

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Boris: Oh, just a cuddly toy of crony capitalism and social engineering

Some in the Tory party look at that charismatic gaffe-prone cuddly bear called Boris as a savior, new Messiah, a Thatcher reborn. Others warn that his big mouth means he ends up in too much of hot water too often. Still, there are some who see him as a policy lightweight. There were times when I too was enchanted by his charisma and thrilled with the image of him rebuking the Leader of the Opposition at the dispatch box. Not anymore. But for me neither his verbosity nor his only passing interests in anything resembling a policy presents a problem. On the contrary, I am very much worried about the kind of policies that are lurking behind that amiable teddy bear persona.

Yesterday, I learnt the Mayor supports the Takeaways Toolkit to fight obesity in London by boosting healthy eating and tackling takeaways. Proposals include something like managing “the proliferation of takeaways across the capital” and how to “use planning guidelines to restrict where and when takeaways set up, as well as how to use environmental and health regulations and laws around street trading”. Another quite helpful idea proposed is to reduce the number of holes in salt shakers …. I think you got the picture – so much for the concept of market capitalism in mayor’s head. But the crony kind, well, that’s a different thing. Here, Boris knows his friends. While a bit of small retailers’ regulation and red tape here and there is harmless: “We cannot solve the banking crisis by imposing more regulation than our competitors abroad.” Hear! Hear! And I just wonder how far away his dream of the Estuary Airport is from North Korean capital Pyongyang’s Ryugyong hotel and other communist architectural fables. Perhaps, in the future we can also introduce a law to ban coffee shops and reduce our red meat intake – due to carbon footprint as well as health. And I still haven’t mention Boris happy jump on global warming scaremongers’ band wagon. And his big friend the former REPUBLICAN governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – not decided whether to support Romney or Obama.

Yes, Boris reminds me of another mayor of a big metropolis, the businessman turned soda-banning social engineer Michael Bloomberg. In this context Johnson’s Olympic rebuke to Mitt Romney this summer doesn’t surprise me that much anymore. I read somebody joking that Boris’ premiership will be just a way station of his career to be crowned by the US presidential post. Fortunately, Boris renounced his citizenship in 2006.  But I am sure about one thing: if he decided to run he would definitely seeks the presidential nomination from his fellow members of the Democratic Party. Boris for PM?! No, thank you.

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The age of hubris is over! (Any volunteers to break it to the Western world?)

The British television is full of documentaries about the Second World War. Some are usually even worse than others. One such piece was on display on BBC Two last Monday at nine. It was a classic microwavable stuff – full of rehashed film footage. And make no mistake, the Berghof pictures were there too!  When, for the one hundredth time in my life, I saw the figure of Dear Adolf set against the majestic peaks of the Bavarian Alps, in full colour, I thought I was going to vomit. Well, yes, if you want to attract the working classes and i-Generation to the screens you need a bit of colour which is usually not on offer in abundance when looking at those black-and-white ages of the 20th century.  Berghof always saves the day, also stir into the bowl:

-          a few computer generated X-Box- games-resembling images, menacing,  fast-changing and exploding

-           paltry commentary about German anti-Semitism and evil genius of Hitler

-          heap loads  of classical music – Mahler, Mozart, Bach … well it’s evil too, ain’t it? those long ear- tiring migrainous pieces for a strange-sounding tools. Music? Eeee. Where’s Rihanna and Lady Gaga!?

Mix the substance well (but don’t bother too much as it will always stay thin anyway) and it’s ready to be served to the masses.  By the way, anti-Semitism is always presented in those documentaries as something vestigial. Well, hello there BBC producers!? Wake up! Do you still read the Guardian and Independent?! Do you laugh at Steve Bell’s cartoons?! And what about Mr Ahmadinejad or Abu Hamza?! Or comrades Livingstone and Galloway?!

I guess that BCC piece would sit well as an introductory material for some backwater primary school. But the sad reality is that these days this is your premium offered by the public broadcaster. Danny Cohen would be proud, but is busy busy commissioning some meaty celebrity-packed rubbish over at Beeb One.

Instead of poking our fingers at history and shaking in disbelief at stupidity of our predecessors,  those documentaries should make us think about our present. Are we that different? Do we really know better?  In the 1930s there must’ve been thousands of people for whom all that was coming have been only too obvious. They must have become crazy with (not) screaming it out. Hitler was there for almost a decade before the hell broke out.  But people don’t like changes and prefer not to see them, especially those for worse – the ones that put some demand on them to act. And so people choose to sleep it away …. and steer their own existence right into the hell of oblivion.

I am reminded of those things when I look at the march of all those failed leaders of the Western world: Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Rajoy, Hollande . I think about it when, in disbelieve, I  see  inertia of European countries and their cavalier attitude to rising mountain of debt, their peoples’ and politicians’ arrogant unwillingness to change ways while searching for solutions by creating more problems.  That’s what I am reminded of when British press constantly talks about “austerity,” when there’s virtually none yet, and when I am watching them waking up on a regular basis to abysmal economic figures. Everybody is hunting chimeric bankers and the rich as a sliver bullet to problems created by bloated social states most of us still live on as parasites chocking on their own flesh. There’s no humility and no responsibility and no alarm clock seems loud enough.

Sadly, Barack Obama’s re-election only shows the virus of irresponsibility hit the last bastion of Western world too.Perhaps it really is time for our civilisation to clock off.

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Scottish Independence: vote Yes to salvage conservatism

Recently, I had a conversation with a guy who is pretty well accustomed to my rather conservative and reactionary opinions about the world. And so he almost chocked himself to death when I pronounced my opinion on Scottish independence.

First, I had a confession to make. I love Scotland. I think Edinburgh and Glasgow are the only two other real cities in the UK on par with any other European metropolis. I adore quiet and mildly threatening silhouettes of the Scottish Highlands ranges and if I had to I would eat haggis every week at least once –  the place once only occupied by unrivalled spaghetti dishes. I drink Scottish Breakfast tea blend in the afternoon as well (now, as a matter of fact). Just in case – perhaps, it teleports me up there one day.  And my bath is adorned with a small plastic Nessie with a Scottish hat. It is the one which is formed out of three pieces so it looks like if it was swimming in plastic. I take my  yogurt with Scottish heather honey and after years I am starting to get use to the taste of whisky.

Now, you pretty much know what’s coming. Don’t get me wrong. I consider Scotland a country too deeply revelling in socialist policies with cancerously spreading state sector gnawing that thrilling land of Adam Smith. But it’s a different country from England and deserves to get stranded on its own. It doesn’t leave a taste of plastic multiculturalism in your mouth. It’s more honest and true to itself. It still has its traditions and proudly so. Anyway, what has got that culturally, morally and economically bankrupt England to offer? I love to hate Alex Salmond and I prefer to close my ears to his demagoguery. But he is a very skilful politicians and he deserves credit for that. He is more in Maggie Thatcher molud – not like those lightweights Ed, Dave and Nick….

Scotland simply deserves and needs new conservative policy and politicians. But these will have to be free of prejudices about the ‘English’ Tory party and Westminster. The SNP is in Scotland to stay and I believe it deserves nationalistic but right-wing opposition. The time is now: Scotland should become independent and if I were a Scot I would vote for it. And then work relentlessly to form a right wing coalition to defeat Salmond.

I think this is the Spectator Frasier Nelson’s anecdote: when meeting Mrs Thatcher in the 1980s or 90s in London she sighed something along the lines “Another Scot! What are you doing here? We need you up there!” Yes, it’s time for Scottish conservatism to return home and rise again.

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The Spectator cold turkey: One month on report

This morning I read highly interesting if, how else, doom-gloomish interview in the Wall Street Journal with Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, on how free speech died on US campuses. See for yourself at the WSJ web.

I love the WSJ editorials and even more the two pages of op-eds, opinions and reviews. It’s my daily early morning dose of conservative intellectual thinking and I must admit I am hooked on it.

And that thought led me to muse on my Spectator abstinence anniversary.  I went cold turkey on that other ‘conservative stimulant’ (print as well as online versions) a month ago and with the deepest sadness I must report I haven’t felt any cramming for it since.

Who would miss James Forsyth’s never-ending U-turns, depending on who dined and wined him the night before? Are you still reading it? Can you update me on his thinking? Is the coalition now beyond repair or there’s light at the end of the tunnel and James can confide that the dynamic duo of the PM and his deputy (also known as two Cs) met the other week in an unnamed London house of their common PR friend to iron out differences on council tax on rich … Oh, this will probably be spoiled by Dr Cable’s unhinged statement next week, so that dear James can report the coalition is its final dire strait. And so James goes on and on and on. I just wonder whether he ever reads what he wrote a year ago. Perhaps yes … and then laughs uncontrollably, or perhaps no … because he would have resigned his punditry throne a while ago.

Who needs to read pro-Obama, pro-socialist articles by the Spec’s chief of research, whatever his name is. It’s enough to remember he desperately needed Mr Obama to win. Congratulations then!

And then there’s that the deep well of knowledge on every US issue called Freddie Gray…..

And there is a minefield of articles from authors with anonymous names. You start reading them with interest and end up in fury realising it’s that Cameroonian, left-of-the-centre, nanny state fluffy huggy babble.  And blood pressure starts rising ….

A few years ago, at the beginning of the current economic and fiscal free fall I remember reading the Spectator business article musing on how gold is not worth buying this time around. Well done! What a great piece of advice it was! The author probably doesn’t write for the big S anymore. You know, it’s difficult to get good Wi-Fi signal from the wine cellar of his Bordeaux chateau. I guess that is where all the profit from krugerrands he bought went. Yes, and to Patek Philipe watches, we all need at least three pieces, for our progenies.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there are no decent writers or articles appearing in the Spectator. It’s just that I realised pleasure from those is always more than spoiled by the lot from above.  So I ended up asking: ‘Why to pay for that?’ And no, I am not saying there’s no place for all of those things above. But, please, don’t wrap them up as some ‘conservative’ magazine, perhaps fish and chips paper?

These days the Spectator very much reminds me of the BBC. Shying away from big themes and preferring cycles of ‘ephemeral crises’ which nobody talks about the week after. That’s my biggest quibble. It’s almost like actress Helena Bonham Carter’s description of David Cameron “not a rightwing person. If he was in America, he’d be a Democrat”.

At the time when I am looking for a conservative lighthouse I find evanescent and sliding-on-the- surface magazine I had no problem to throw into a recycling bin next week. Not even Rod Liddle can save it.

So, I don’t miss the Spectator and those moments of disappointment a bit. But I would love to miss it. I would love to be it some gutsy meaty and red-eyed ‘radical’ conservative magazine. Like Paul Ryan or Bill O’Reilly. I know, I can dream on ……

PS. Small warning: while the Speccie is non-addictive as a drug, it’s not harmless as it often causes dangerous rise in conservative person’s blood pressure.

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