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“legal highs” vs individual responsibility

Some time ago there was a topic on the news about “legal highs”. Apparently there are some people who are willing to eat plant food in order to get “high”. I don’t like the term “legal highs”. It implies there … Continue reading

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What are you protesting against, Greeks?

I really do not get it guys. Lets face the facts: Greek politicians were cheating and faking the data when they joined the Euro. Greek economy is not fit for purpose. There are too many benefits, too many state employees … Continue reading

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Arab spring and liberals

It is very interesting to see how liberals –  on the news channels and in the press – are naive and expect that “Arab Spring” will ultimately result in democracy in Syria, Egypt, Libya and in other Arab countries where … Continue reading

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Re: “Capitalism isn’t working”

Couple of years ago I noticed this phrase on one of the banners in the hands of left-wing protester in London. I’m finally ready to reply: My dear friends, please try to understand that UK and most of other “Western … Continue reading

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