“legal highs” vs individual responsibility

Some time ago there was a topic on the news about “legal highs”. Apparently there are some people who are willing to eat plant food in order to get “high”.

I don’t like the term “legal highs”. It implies there are some legal drugs. It is based on the logical premise that everything what isn’t illegal is legal. Yes it is true that law abiding citizen can do anything what isn’t illegal, but not everything which isn’t illegal is safe, moral or just in line with common sense. It is also not possible to specify and forbid every negative impact of every existing item or any single possible action in the World.

But why it should be specified? Do people have any individual responsibility? Are they responsible for their own actions and their implications? If they are responsible why should the government protect them against themselves? If they not responsible for their own actions why should they have for example the right to vote?

Unfortunately my dear friends, it gets worse – in the European Unions even the prisoners are now entitled to rights to vote. In summary: Responsibility for anything but rights to everything.

P.S. Only for plant food eaters (or wannabies): You can imply that English phrase “plant food” is kind of food, which just happens to be more suitable for plants. You are wrong. For example in German plant food or fertilliser is called “der Dung” which is the same as English dung or manure. Other examples of plant food are: decomposed bodies of plants, animals or even humans – not excluding some plant food eaters. Bon App├ętit!

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