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GOP primaries learning curve

This is my first Republican primaries I am really following very carefully and from the start. And what a learning curve it was! I must admit I look at journalists and their writing or mostly scribbling with even greater disdain … Continue reading

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Cain is sliding, or so experts of British journalism tell us

Every time I watch BBC news broadcast I am reminded that the British journalistic standards of today are a mixture of liberal and wishful thinking and more liberal and wishful thinking. Yesterday (7 November) I was treated to a debate … Continue reading

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What leaders of the world chit-chat about

It’s good to know that our dear Western ‘world leaders’ have amongst a huge economic crisis time for behind-the-back  chit-chat.  And so we now know that the French president Nicolas Sarkozy ‘can’t stand’ Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu as he is … Continue reading

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Is Cain revolution over now?!

I have been a Herman Cain supporter for the best part of this year and still am. However, the latest wave of sexual harassment allegations does not seem to be abating and I am starting to have serious doubts about … Continue reading

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Israel will strike Iran’s nuclear bomb facilities, finally !

So Haaretz newspaper reports that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, wants his cabinet to give a green light to a military strike on Iran. Finally, some action. It was chilling to listen to Mr Netanyahu a few months ago … Continue reading

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