Cain is sliding, or so experts of British journalism tell us

Every time I watch BBC news broadcast I am reminded that the British journalistic standards of today are a mixture of liberal and wishful thinking and more liberal and wishful thinking. Yesterday (7 November) I was treated to a debate between a BBC channel late night news reader and the Daily Telegraph media writer (whatever that is). This was a part of newspaper preview and the subject was (surprisingly!) Herman Cain! Who is dead and finished and sliding in polls, according to these two major experts on US politics (sorry, Larry Sabato was not available). And then there was a poll I saw this morning. WSJ/NBC News  had Cain virtually tied in the first place with Mitt Romney. So much for the slide. I am not saying he won’t but for Pete’s sake get the facts first and then talk. But British journalists know the best, for them Cain is just a freak, an anomaly and a nutter who is a dwarf when compared to St Barack. I hope Herman Cain is the next president of the United States! For my, your and their sake.

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