GOP primaries learning curve

This is my first Republican primaries I am really following very carefully and from the start. And what a learning curve it was! I must admit I look at journalists and their writing or mostly scribbling with even greater disdain than before. The pressure to come up with a news story in a 24hour new cycle is immense and some of the output is just horrific. Sadly, I was disappointed not just by the usual suspects from liberal media (can they really surprise you?) but also such veterans as National Review or the Wall Street Journal. Let’s have a look, what have we had so far: Herman Cain was an outsider, non-candidate. Then he was a flavour of the week. Then he was a front runner who might even end up in the White House. And now, now it’s all lost, again. No credibility, a black nut case – sexual predator. Then Newt Gingrich – too old and too late. Later, when some from his campaign resigned to help Rick Perry, questions amassed why he is still in the race. Now, they’re giving him ‘a second look’ BUT he won’t win as he was married three times. …. And Cain won’t win because he has never held a public office before. Blah blah blah And then there was Rick Perry! The greatest flop of all. Media literary pushed him into the limelight just to drawn him after dismal debate performances. And this all happens when Iowa is still more than a month away! My conclusions: 1. Media just love Romney, don’t they?! – a steady pair of hands (we can dumb later) 2. Anybody can still win the nomination. By that I mean Romney, Cain, Perry or Gingrich. It’s just too early to tell and nobody responsible should make that prediction. Just wait and see for Pete’s sake! Do we have to have answer to everything immediately?! What then is the actual point of primaries?! 3. Tim Pawlenty went too early. But then it’s his mistake, one more to add to flawed presidency before it even started.

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