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Can you hear that cracking sound?! It’s US foreign policy tradition … breaking

One of the axioms foreign policy anoraks relish using states that: no matter who is at helm, the direction of the US foreign policy remains constant. However, I often find this claim cynical and even sinister. Also, I have my … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney ‘starts fightback’, and I am with him (buying the first class seat on the Titanic November cruise)

Having been reading the National Review web and the Wall Street Journal in the last few days, it is all rather pilling up on poor Governor Romney. That always rather elusive chimera of a November Republican victory is slipping ever … Continue reading

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BBC starts ‘doing arts’ the Entwistle way

Anyone expecting the BBC to embark on some more agreeable journey with the new director-general George Entwistle at the helm, brace yourself now! The Times of London today report that Mr Entwistle attacked Sky Arts channels as ‘not giving BBC … Continue reading

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Romney Unbound

Today’s press consensus is, how else, that Governor Romney is badly hurt by that secret video of his ‘outrageously’ frank remarks. Yes, certainly, in the eyes of journalists he is and has been ‘damaged goods’ since he started his fight … Continue reading

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Tony Blair – the statesman

I’ve always had an ambivalent opinion on Tony Blair and I must admit that is not something that happens often with me – usually I can make up my mind pretty quickly. In many respects Blair should be an archenemy … Continue reading

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A mystery of BBC News reporting (one of many)

Just a short remark today about the continuous violence raging in the Middle East and Muslim Africa: I am not quite sure how the storming of the British and German Embassies in Sudan is connected to a movie produced in … Continue reading

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We are all sorry for your foreign policy, Mr Obama (but only for that)

Let me react to President Obama’s response to Governor Romney’s criticism of APOLOGY of US Embassy in Egypt over allegedly anti-Islamic low-budget US movie that sparked a chain of brutal protests across the Middle East and Northern Africa so far … Continue reading

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It’s the ideology, stupid

In today’s behind-the-pay wall Times of London pundit Danny Finkelstein writes about poor chances of Governor Mitt Romney to win the presidential race. How else, of course? It’s always all horrible for the Republicans in the UK press – right … Continue reading

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The strange case of Starbucks scientists

So, scientists solved the mystery of why the coffee never tastes as good as it smells ( Well, good for them. Except for, ehm, coffee does taste as good as it smells. It’s just it seems  our ‘scientists’ frequent establishments … Continue reading

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