It’s the ideology, stupid

In today’s behind-the-pay wall Times of London pundit Danny Finkelstein writes about poor chances of Governor Mitt Romney to win the presidential race. How else, of course? It’s always all horrible for the Republicans in the UK press – right and left. Finkelstein mentions how the move to put ‘the ideologue’ Paul Ryan into the VP spot has not worked. And a few turnings of pages later I got to the Guardian where Andrew Gimson comments on the launch of new Liam Fox and David Davies’ Tory party neo-Thatcherite grouping and warns the Tories that   ‘the danger of becoming more ideological is that this may put off more people than it attracts’.

Well, can somebody remind me what exactly political parties are here for? Are they not groups of people with similar ideology and a world view? What’s wrong with being ‘ideological’? These days, the term actually stands for ‘being able to have strong opinions on economy, foreign policy and social affairs’. Well, that’s obviously not good; or not good as long as these opinions are anything right-of-the- centre.  Because, obviously, Barack Obama with his leftie ideology of progressive equality and fairness (paid by other people’s money) is safe – no problem there.

Why should we be satisfied with fluffy nothingness of Cameron and Osborne and up until recently Mitt Romney?  And  as soon as Romney picked Ryan, boooom, it doesn’t work …. It’s ideological.  Except for, because of the lack of any ‘ideology’ – coherent thinking, strong opinions and reasoning, willingness to pursue your own beliefs- the Western civilisation is now staring into the abyss of economic, military and geopolitical disaster.

It’s like socialism in the Eastern Europe in the 1970s and 80s. No ideology, just economic mafia holding to power. And the same is happening again a clique of politicians and big businesses (both classmates at the same universities) spinning the world as they please –together with their cheer leaders at major newspapers.  Ideology, after all is a dangerous thing for them, it can kick them out of power.

Let’s hear it for ideology! Let’s have a real political debate, right and left, without scoops of empty words and heaps of platitudes!

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