A mystery of BBC News reporting (one of many)

Just a short remark today about the continuous violence raging in the Middle East and Muslim Africa: I am not quite sure how the storming of the British and German Embassies in Sudan is connected to a movie produced in the geographic area of the United States of America. Note the term – geographic area – as that’s all it is. Or, do you see any sinister connection to the Obama Administration, Mitt Romney’s campaign, the Colorado Sentate, Apple Computers, Ms Anna Kowalsky living in Jackson, Mississippi or any other branch of a state and federal government, US business or private citizen?! Because I don’t – or actually, I do. The USA is a free country where everyone can do however they please as long as they follow the rule of law. And, even if they don’t, they are usually not shot in the head at first instance, at least not without a proper trial. Indeed, I suspect it is that freedom of religion and expression that maddens those totalitarian Islamists. But (and back to the first sentence) BBC News tells us otherwise. All those protests are connected to that movie as they remind us on and on and on. Well, I am waiting for some investigative report from the Beeb that would shed light on that evil connection between that crappy ‘piece of art’ (perhaps no worse than Michael Moore films, on the other hand) and two countries in Europe. Again, I have a suggestion. We are white, affluent and at least used to be Christians, i.e. infidels and therefore GUILTY. Yes, the behavior of BBC is appalling and not dissimilar to that of the US Embassy in Egypt. Hmmm…. There might be some liberal connection there, after all.

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