Romney Unbound

Today’s press consensus is, how else, that Governor Romney is badly hurt by that secret video of his ‘outrageously’ frank remarks. Yes, certainly, in the eyes of journalists he is and has been ‘damaged goods’ since he started his fight for the White House in, well back in 2007. Each and every Republican candidate is, so I wouldn’t worry on that front at all. On the contrary, in the video we can watch ‘Romney Unbound’ version of the candidate. I wish we saw him like that more often  – perhaps during the last month’s convention speech? Americans need to hear a few home truths on entitlements, healthcare, fiscal situation and defence spending. This was a good start but please, next time it would be better delivered looking straight into the camera with candidate fully aware of it. Because, if you agree with the notion, as I do, that those 47 per cent of Americans will never vote for Mitt then what’s the harm. Just perhaps it would be better to ignore those ‘government-dependent victims’. Don’t complain about them, stay positive, and talk to those who are prepared to listen because they are hungry for bold new policies Governor  Romney actually has ability to deliver but which are ominously absent from his recent endeavours. Bring back the Romney that had guts to pick Paul Ryan for the VP! America and world badly needs that guy.

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