Mitt Romney ‘starts fightback’, and I am with him (buying the first class seat on the Titanic November cruise)

Having been reading the National Review web and the Wall Street Journal in the last few days, it is all rather pilling up on poor Governor Romney. That always rather elusive chimera of a November Republican victory is slipping ever further out of even binocular sights.

It also started with those doomed Republican primaries full of half-wit lightweights. Rather embarrassingly, even I was forced hopelessly cling to …. Herman Cain. But poor Herman at least spoke his mind. Unfortunately, he did not always follow his own words in real-time. Well, I guess, Mitt is even worse. At first I thought that as, putting it mildly, very generic politician he doesn’t think anything until the focus groups results come in – he was a sort of David Cameron on the other side of the Atlantic. Then, with the choice of Paul Ryan and his basket of bold policies,  I started to think that there are some good ideas in that moderate-East-Coast Republican head but they just don’t come out in order not to scare the voter.  And now I am in the phase in which I realised his head is perhaps full of ideas, and most of them pretty bad.

But is this mess really just Gov. Romney’s fault? Where were all Bobby Jindals, Jeb Bushs, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christies, Rudi Giulianis and yes, Paul Ryans?! I remember how they all pushed Ryan so hard that he almost fell under the DC metro system. But he was ‘not prepared’ and had to think of his family. Well, I am glad he is prepared now, to give up some ‘quality family time’ and devote it to the VP job. But fair enough, you don’t risk tearing that many muscles in the Veep post. All your risk is ending up as Paul Who? after eight years, and that’s the best case scenario for us.  Or, alternatively, you can draw the Next Guy to Get It Card in the Great Nomination Game of 2016.

If at least some of the above mentioned ‘heavyweights’ had entered the fray last year, we wouldn’t have been here now because A- the RIGHT MAN would  have won instead of Romney or they would have all made Romney much more nuanced candidate. So, now we face what some call the elections of almost millennial importance. Don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of the fact my wildest nightmares may come true with the second Obama term but seriously, without a benefit of the hindsight, which elections were not The Most Important ever ?!

OK, let’s buy that momentousness of this minute for the Voter, the Republic, the World and the Universe and ask: what are we left with?

Bite the bullet and start cheering, perhaps with a slight hint of bitterness at the beginning:  Go Mitt Go! Go Mitt Go!

And be sure I will be shouting with you till the last bit of my last vocal cord cell.

He turned the Olympics around, perhaps he will turn this mess too.


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