On Ed Miliband’s excellent speech

All the pundits told us today how Labour leader Ed Miliband gave an excellent speech of his life, yesterday.  I listened and after a few minutes I just couldn’t anymore. It was crass and shallow; full of the false sympathy for the masses; sprinkled with empty promises he cannot deliver; followed by a good old bankers’ bashing, seamed with total lack of understanding of how economy works.  You proved yourself Mr Miliband! Welcome to the club David Cameron and Barack Obama are already in their chairs.

Just a few excerpts:

“Let me tell you my favourite; it was when Mitt Romney came to Britain and called me ‘Mr Leader.’ I don’t know about you but I think it has a certain ring to it myself, it’s sort of half-way to North Korea. Mitt, thanks a lot for that.”

No, Mr Cheap-Shot- Eddie, it’s just that grown-ups still use titles like Mr Speaker, Mr President, Mr Chairman, Governor, Secretary and so on in the States. Surprise, surprise, it also works on the other (this) side of the Atlantic: the Right Honourable Friend/Lady/Gentleman, Sir, Lord. The Leader of the Opposition is very honourable and important post. Or rather, it used to be, back when the Britain was a serious country not an economic circus ruled by clowns.

“I want to tell you my story. I want to tell you who I am.”

Sorry, we are not that interested. Actually, there is no story. George Washington, Abe Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher they had stories. And Stephen King writes some. But you are just a fluffy boy who went from his Marxist family blanket to be Labour research, MP, minister and Leader. There’s nothing else there!

“I was born in my local NHS hospital, the same hospital my two sons would later be born in.”

Well, you have to be born somewhere. Do you assume there would have been no hospital for you without the NHS?  What does this have with the NHS overspending, waiting times, or unprofessional behaviour of nameless white coated identities? What does it have with totally useless bloated and overpaid GPs without any responsibility or passion who can tell the flu from encephalitis or cancer from migraine?

Do you think you have ever gone through a real NHS experience? The son of a famous philosopher and a top Labour bighead? No, it’s up to you poor voters to have that. Jumping up and down with joy if they get an appointment with a specialist within six weeks and an operation within a year.  After seeing their GP for the sixth time, fice times told ‘Oh. That’s nothing. I will prescribe you some cheep NHS generic’.

People get a third rate chemotheraphy and think it’s great. Because they don’t know it can all be much better. Whit proper health service you have to pay for.

“Both of my parents’ came to Britain as immigrants, Jewish refugees from the Nazis.”

Well then shows us your support for the state of Israel !?. Agrrrr. Hmmmm. None left.

“I went to my local comprehensive with people from all backgrounds.”

Yes, so much for your story. It’s like going to be a miner to go to a, Jesus Christ, a comprehensive! – Where you had to meet all those little silly people (from all backgrounds).  Fortunately, that was the last time you had to spend with them more than five minutes.

“ ….just think about the Olympics and Paralympic games. It was a triumph for Britain. And why did we succeed?”

Yes, the Games ……   panem et circenses. So that’s what we are left with?! Yes, Hitler put on quite a show in 1936 and China in 2008.




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