We are all Venezuelans in our hearts now

There’s an excellent article from Brett Stephens in today’s WSJ (unfortunately, behind the pay wall http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444024204578044233963809840.html).

Stephens also points to another superb piece by Venezuelan blogger Daniel Duquenal who, after this week’s Dear leader Hugo’s victory wrote:

People vote for Chavez because even if they have no running water or electricity, they feel good about themselves because the president of the country is as flawed as they are, and in the mean version of flawed. He is the one that will insure that you may remain a sinvergüenza (a scoundrel, Stephens explains) .  http://daniel-venezuela.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/when-mediocrity-and-resentimiento-win.html

And so I finally got it. We are all doomed here in Europe because we are all Venezuelans in our hearts now. I somehow couldn’t get to the bottom of why all those half-baked, anaemic and paltry leaders (Hollande, Cameron, Rajoy, Monti …) are so popular with electorates of the Old Continent. Now, I know. We feel comfortable with them because they are full of flaws – as we are. We can happily point at them and say ‘Well, why should I be better than them?’ They don’t inspire us or compel us to achieve anything. They are just there, standing and bending with the wind. And we are pleased with that because we don’t want to face challenges anymore. Comforts of our warm living rooms where we sit down with bloated stomachs to watch the latest flashy blockbusters on our giant tellies are too inviting.  We don’t want to die for ideals anymore, rather accommodate our enemies. We don’t want to strive for better future of our and next generations, we just like to talk about it. Talk about ‘progressing’ to the future where we will all be all equal – equal in our comfortable inertia, laziness and complacency.

And the big news is that future is now here and has already embarked on a ship to the other side of the Atlantic.

The only hope now is that there will be enough American voters who still have in their heart the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship; who still have will to better themselves and cross red lines and boundaries to achieve something others though is unreachable. It’s only them who stand between the Western civilisation and its total decay. Europe will be of no help anymore. We are just defunct and moribund zombies self-obsessed with our own comfort.


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