To my friend Joe Biden, and Representative Paul Ryan

Predictably, I am not as excited about the last night’s VP debate as I was about the first Romney-Obama one. But don’t get me wrong, I think Paul Ryan did a solid job and that, nothing else, was expected from him. He looked calm, measured and presidential on that stage which can’t be said about my friend Biden. Have you noticed those two things too? He used ‘my friend’ all the time ‘not to show’ his distaste or even hate of the Republican ticket. But on other occasions he couldn’t help himself forgetting any of Romney’s title, that would be including a pure and simple ‘Mr’. VP Biden’s was classic attack dog behaviour. The only problem is vice-president Biden may have ended up as a bull in an undecided voters’ china shop. Because, it was the right way to placate your own panicking and disenchanted Democratic base but definitely not the way to sway the independent voters on your side. He was abruptly rude, chuckling and grinning – but this went largely unnoticed by all the mainstream media commentators. Although on CNN they mentioned Ryan had won on style if not substance. Well, yeah, that’s good. That’s as close as you get to praise with liberals. (Still Charlie Rose’s Bloomberg shows is only coming these evening so if you don’t see any posts here afterwards, I heart-attacked.)

It occurred to me minutes before the debate that any performance from Biden would be considered as a victory by Liberals. That’s because that wet-blanketed President Obama was so bloodless the expectations were very low. And, indeed, now I read post-mortems that is the case. Fortunately, that’s not the way to win from that small pool of undecided voters. If Obama behaves like this next week (which he probably will) that would be markedly more troublesome for the Democrats as he would look as un-presidential and bipartisan as never. Obama comes across as condescending and lecturing on a good day, can you imagine how he is going to look on a bad one? On the other hand Governor Romney should hold his nerve. You can’t have three historical presidential debates in one year. That’s just a media hype. However, I would expect Governor Romney to go after President Obama more aggressively as that is what I was missing last night from Rep Ryan. There were occasions I thought, I knew, he could have wiped the floor with puffing and huffing friend Biden, but he stopped. Whether it was intentional or not, I don’t know but a radical conservative (count me in) is always ecstatic about a liberal’s bloody eye.

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