Ryan rethink

Unfortunately I have to post this slight rethink on Rep Paul Ryan’s performance in the VP debate. After reading today’s WSJ opinion piece I realised an important thing. I was actually shouting it at my friend Joe Biden back to the TV screen during the event but then totally forgotten about it. And, it was not just me who missed it. Also all mainstream media and, which is the most unfortunate, also Rep Ryan. So, thank you to the WSJ for reminding me!  (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443749204578052602951971998.html?mod=googlenews_wsj) As

WSJ points out:

On Iran, Mr. Biden broke new ground, though most of the media missed it. To a question about the Administration’s willingness to stop the Tehran regime from going nuclear, he said what matters isn’t Iran’s ability to enrich uranium to weapons grade. It’s whether it can build and deliver a bomb.

And I think Ryan should have gone hard after it. Because it was either a Biden’s gaffe or the most reckless change in the course of at least a decade long policy and on live TV! But most probably, it was both.  Not that Joe said something many of us haven’t been suspecting for a long time but still it’s no less outrageous. I hope Gov Romney will make President Obama to explain in the debate.




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