Breaking News: Obama wins the second debate

And here we go again. The second D-day has come. I am looking forward to the debate but let me make two predictions.  Barring Governor Romney makes some fatal gaffe or President Obama starts strangling his Republican opponent, this debate will not change much. Because you just cannot have two historical debates in one election cycle – that’s just pure media hype. Besides didn’t the media and pundits tell us the debates don’t change much anyway? And, surprise surprise, the last one did. Wavering and independent voters gave Governor Romney the second look and liked what they had seen. The Republican has since become a viable candidate, someone they would feel comfortable with as a replacement in the White House. While President Obama lost his charm of the Prophet walking the water and cooling the oceans. Hope and change has not been delivered not in the high altitude Denver nor in the whole four years while in the office.  Don’t get me wrong, Governor Romney should deliver another performance of his life, to cement his image but it’s largely up to the voters now to decide. And they will follow the instinct now more than what the packs of mainstream media will try to spin in front of them.

And boy, will they be spinning! (See the Biden – Ryan debate). I am pretty sure they are just salivating to pronounce Obama the winner. That’s what they want, that’s what they need, that’s what they will get. Because Romney can’t improve just repeat his magnificent performance while it’s going to be very difficult for Obama to go even lower than he was in the first event. And thus any his improvement will be presented as a victory and a fatal blow to Governor Romney! Well, we can’t do much about that. Just wait to the Election Day and keep our fingers crossed.

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