Not quite a hangover, but could’ve felt better

Predictably, I am grumpy and disappointed this morning and I will try to sum up my reasons. Yes, Governor Romney’s performance yesterday wasn’t as uplifting as that before. While he entered into the debate on a pleasant afternoon breeze after an hour he started to look tired and repetitive. I loved some of his answers, liked many but was also cringing at times – something that hasn’t happened during the first debate. In fact I don’t think it was by any bit a disappointing performance from Governor! It’s more me expecting miracles. Hopefully, the undecided voters don’t look for the same.

President Obama gave a very good performance with the theatrical highlight of his very angry posture while feeling ‘offended’ by suggestion of the Libya consulate scandal cover up.  But hats down, this was Obama the Debater at his best.  The president was angry and full of hate but channelling the negativity well into well-crafted and well-rehearsed attacks and sound bites. There were no new policies from him, just the same old same old. Yes, I am for oil and coal but it must be clean. Yes, I am for private enterprise and economic freedom but we all must be equal. All these arguments Democratic voters will love. Then again, I am not sure about the swingers.

And who loved Obama’s performance the most!? Well, yes, you guessed it correctly! – the steady cheer leading  super-PAC of mainstream media! It doesn’t matter that the incumbent doesn’t run on his record, because there’s nothing he can boast about. It doesn’t matter the hope and change is gone, replaced by angry and aggressive attacks. It doesn’t matter that the new clean Washington has never materialised and neither have bipartisan revolution – let’s just blame it all on those evil Republicans! From Congress and Romney to George W!  It doesn’t matter that President constantly creates a straw man or rather a monster of Governor Romney that he then slays. It’s not difficult to cut off heads of chimeric dragon, precisely because it exists in Obamaland only.  And the media just cheer on. I wonder who they thing the president has been these last four years?!

All that said, I am afraid Governor Romney had his weak moments. And I am a bit worried because the last debate is all about the foreign policy and on that Romney missed his opportunities yesterday. While not damaging this time 90 minutes like this open potential space for some gaffes and stumbles next time round. I hope I am wrong.

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