My sadomasochistic session with Charlie Rose

I did it again yesterday. The sadomasochistic part of my-self overruled my brain and I sat down at 7:00PM local time to switch to channel 609 to Bloomberg TV to watch Charlie Rose election special’s after-the-third-debate chat. It’s always been love/hate relationship with the programme. I like the format. I like it is long and thorough. I like how Mr Rose relishes his host status. I like how he never rushes his guests (and their brains) anywhere. How his thoughts and queries flow with the debate, sometimes feeling you don’t know how and where it will end. But it’s not a feeling of uncertainty; it’s a good feeling of excitement because Rose is warm, calm, comforting but steady. He and his guests are for an hour a part of your living room. Yes, I wish only that the old wooden table they are sitting around wasn’t that big.

You might have guessed the problem. Mr Rose and the large part of his guests are … liberals. Rather big problem. Especially after a good day’s work when you want to relax not shout at your TV, sorry, living room guests. And what is worse than liberal authors, actors, conductors, mathematicians, historians or doctors? Well, liberal pundits also known as journalists (although I have my reservations about that). The uncrown king of those debates always is Albert Hunt, the veteran chief Bloomberg political guru (or medicine man). Just to illustrate my point, even after the first debate Mr Hunt declared it was not clear at all who won it (the first one!). He also pronounced debates as inconsequential. Yes, you can say that again, Mr Hunt. Other contributors include big names from other liberal, pardon mainstream, outlets – NBC, Time, Daily Beast, Newseek, BBC America, PBS well … you name it .

To cut my hour suffering short, having watched the debate in question before I wrote my own  third debate blog (see down there below), I would have never written it. After those 60-minutes of liberal brainwashing I was:

A/ very unsure whether I watched the same debate they did (perhaps some supernatural forces intervened? Is our house a part of old Celtic burial ground? Was is a presidential debate from Saturn and incidentally tumbled over at two in the morning?)

B/ one hundred per cent sure President Obama is heading for the re-elections. He will win. Possibly big time! All my optimism was gone. It’s all in the bag. Ohio, Iowa, perhaps even Florida! I knew it would be four more years of quiet conservative suffering.


Nothing has really changed since 2008. They all still eat Obama’s fairy tales, even with the fancy wrapping paper on. The problem of the first debate was the president did not deliver ANY performance whatsoever. As long as he delivers, however below par it is, he is the winner, the Destroyer, the Master of Political Debate. And whatever Romney says they will criticise. If he is too detailed, it is professorial and laughable. If he is not providing details he is ‘un-presidential’ and not-worth-the–vote, moderately radical flip-flopper which doesn’t want to show his evil cards because, in fact, he doesn’t have any.

It’s at debates like these I become one hundred per cent sure no objective reality exists. Perhaps it’s just liberal reality which is out there! And I am in the state of suspended animation. How unfortunate! Help!!!  Get me out of this Conservative Matrix!

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