Frankenstorm Beeb

There have actually been two Frankenstorms in the last few days. Yes, you guessed it correctly. One has had the form of a whirl winding natural disaster descending upon the North American continent – named Sandy. Another was a media catastrophe attacking our TV sets – named BBC News. I don’t want to joke about the magnitude, human tragedies and economic costs of the hurricane but the 24-hour new cycle gave us its own dose of media storm. Where was Syria and Libya and where was the Euro-crisis? All news was wiped out, as usual. I would not complain if this was North Carolina or even Texas. But this is London! And we were treated to BBC’s Jon Sopel reporting directly from the eye of the storm in the US. And the BBC was so graceful as to share with us a picture of a dangling crane in the Mid-Manhattan, ad nauseam.  Unfortunately, nobody will ever remember that poor construction tool it in a week’s time. The storm also brought much welcomed relief to the liberal media. The Romney momentum is over! Obama looks presidential! He is handling it all brilliantly. It’s his second chance after Benghazi. Oh sorry no, third chance or perhaps fourth or …… well sure, four years was long enough time to screw it all up, hundred times. So wake up Beeb, please! Not even Frankenstorm will save you know from another ‘liberal disaster’. This time it’s got a male name. It’s MITT ROMNEY.

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