Newsweek’s dancing on our graves

So that arch-liberal read-by-nobody magazine, oh pardon me, soon-to-be-online-only magazine, Newsweek in its latest issue depicts President Obama as a Napoleonic figure while the Republicans are ‘old, white and history’. I am afraid the irony has escaped the authors. So I just ask: When exactly is Mr Obama’s Waterloo? Well, soon, very soon indeed. Except, unfortunately, it will be ours too. Because, ehm, not just Republicans have ‘dinosauric’ tendencies: the most of the Western civilization is ‘white’. The most of it is or will be ‘old’ pretty soon. And thus we will all be just HISTORY.

Oh well, nevermind. Goodbye and thanks for those two thousand years. It was one hell of a roller-coaster ride!

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2 Responses to Newsweek’s dancing on our graves

  1. Elena says:

    You are mistaken. It is George Washington’s uniform/coat.

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