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Hello there!

I just want to remind you not to forget to vote in the first (and probably the last) Police and Crime Commissioner Elections today. You know, one of Mr Cameron’s favourite toys, a few years ago that is. He barely speaks about that direct-democracy nuisance nowadays as he  have already thrown it out of his big (Society) pram. Now he and his best mate George were bought a new progressive toy, social issues – gay marriages, abortions and the likes. That’s apparently their medicine for winning the next elections. Or so told us George the other day in the Times: that is what they have learnt from their Republican ‘friends’ in the US. No, no. Don’t appeal to your conservative and Conservative base, don’t be true to your Tory principles (oh, sorry, that Dynamic Duo don’t have any). Perhaps they should start courting UK Hispanic vote as well? And I thought Republicans are now the most desperate conservative breed on this planet …..

Speaking of the Dynamic Duos and police elections …. I know, Commissioner Gordon or Batman are not available this time round but I wish you a lucky hand anyway.

PS. I am sorry to announce that in Surrey, where I am eligible to vote, the Tory candidate is so unimpressive I will go for an independent.  But I am sure Dave and Georgie will not mind. They don’t need voters like me, they need more moderately progressive left-of-the-centre folks.

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