Scottish Independence: vote Yes to salvage conservatism

Recently, I had a conversation with a guy who is pretty well accustomed to my rather conservative and reactionary opinions about the world. And so he almost chocked himself to death when I pronounced my opinion on Scottish independence.

First, I had a confession to make. I love Scotland. I think Edinburgh and Glasgow are the only two other real cities in the UK on par with any other European metropolis. I adore quiet and mildly threatening silhouettes of the Scottish Highlands ranges and if I had to I would eat haggis every week at least once –  the place once only occupied by unrivalled spaghetti dishes. I drink Scottish Breakfast tea blend in the afternoon as well (now, as a matter of fact). Just in case – perhaps, it teleports me up there one day.  And my bath is adorned with a small plastic Nessie with a Scottish hat. It is the one which is formed out of three pieces so it looks like if it was swimming in plastic. I take my  yogurt with Scottish heather honey and after years I am starting to get use to the taste of whisky.

Now, you pretty much know what’s coming. Don’t get me wrong. I consider Scotland a country too deeply revelling in socialist policies with cancerously spreading state sector gnawing that thrilling land of Adam Smith. But it’s a different country from England and deserves to get stranded on its own. It doesn’t leave a taste of plastic multiculturalism in your mouth. It’s more honest and true to itself. It still has its traditions and proudly so. Anyway, what has got that culturally, morally and economically bankrupt England to offer? I love to hate Alex Salmond and I prefer to close my ears to his demagoguery. But he is a very skilful politicians and he deserves credit for that. He is more in Maggie Thatcher molud – not like those lightweights Ed, Dave and Nick….

Scotland simply deserves and needs new conservative policy and politicians. But these will have to be free of prejudices about the ‘English’ Tory party and Westminster. The SNP is in Scotland to stay and I believe it deserves nationalistic but right-wing opposition. The time is now: Scotland should become independent and if I were a Scot I would vote for it. And then work relentlessly to form a right wing coalition to defeat Salmond.

I think this is the Spectator Frasier Nelson’s anecdote: when meeting Mrs Thatcher in the 1980s or 90s in London she sighed something along the lines “Another Scot! What are you doing here? We need you up there!” Yes, it’s time for Scottish conservatism to return home and rise again.

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