Another sign of dying civilisation

NEWS: UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg will urge the Tories to support Palestinian request for recognition of statehood at United Nations. The UN will vote this month on an application by the Palestinian president Abbas for observer status. This would imply recognition of the territory as a sovereign state. A ‘source’ said “Nick feels because they are going to be definitely doing it [applying], and clearly going to win the vote, it’s important for us to vote for them to have observer status and not abstain.”

I almost doubt this needs any comment at all. And the funniest thing is I am pretty sure David and William will be keen listeners to Clegg’s drivel.  Agrrrh?! What kind of coalition is this?  Actually, what kind of the Conservative party when it can sit in one government with people like that? But in fact, it’s not surprising at all. This is the party where moderate lightweight Mitt Romney and fiscally sane Paul Ryan were considered ‘radicals’. Where the-leader-in-waiting (Boris that is) is supporting state-intrusive policies while sticking his head into environmentalist arses in the same sentence as he is defending banks and big businesses. It’s the party that is actually ‘obsessed’ with how it we’ll lose the next election (in 2015!!!) and what’s the quickest way to get back to power. Hello?! Wake up! It’s 2012 and the third dip is coming? Perhaps we can try to start solving the economy before we start campaigning and, for that matter, start musing on recognition of the  Palestinian state?!

By the way, which Palestinian state? The one (not)ruled by corrupt dinosaurs (West Bank) or the one ruled by corrupt terrorists (Gaza) showering Israel with rockets? What kind of new manners is it, to recognize territories who promise to obliterate an already existing state?

And to top it up. The Guardian reports: “a majority of Europeans want their governments to vote in favour of Palestine at the UN, polls have revealed.”

What kind of Civilization is this? Renouncing its own roots and history. Throwing its friends to the wolves.

I’ll tell you: a dying one.

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