Why should Scotland stay in the UK

First of all: Scotland has whole eternity to split from the UK, however once it is done, there won’t be a way back, so Scots should think twice before they cast their vote…

Second argument is how is SNP prepared to govern. I do not think they are ready and they have economic plan thought through – especially when I see speeches of Nicola Sturgeon. This argument is also supported by the Pound schism where Scots plan to keep the Pound, whilst English have the opposite idea… If Scotland has it’s own Pound, it will be cheaper than British Pound, making all imported goods more expensive (together with argument 5 below).

Third argument is also economic – Yes voters assume they will be simply better off in independent Scotland. Yet they expect better government services and support which will result in bigger government. But I’m in doubt oil money will be able to cover it on its own so this may result in higher taxes…

Fourth argument is public sector employment – as you know government does not create value, it is created in the private sector. Even if government is in possession of valuable resources – such as oil, it is not managing it effectively. Scotland has higher public sector employment (around 23%) compared to UK average – around 19% – this would create additional pressure on the budget of independent Scotland.

Fifth argument is that once Scotland is independent small country, all the goods and services for which they currently pay UK “wholesale” price will be more expensive.
This include prices for postage and transport which will reflect into prices of all goods and services – so everything (including food, clothing, cars…) will be slightly more expensive as it is in the UK.

Sixth argument is that Scottish independent TV and Radio won’t have luxurious budget BBC has. The also won’t have the same wholesale prices for imported products as BBC with larger target market has. So again – there will be lower production, less choice, lower quality. Less money for culture, music and even sport.

The last argument I have that companies residing in Scotland may move their headquarters from Scotland to the UK in case there is economic advantage of doing so. I don’t think Scotland will be able to compete with England if it comes to the size of the market or even compete in the tax benefits race.

I think Scots are better off in the UK despite I think it is not so beneficial for English – especially with the current parlament(s) setup.

So Scotland – think twice if you want to stay and be supported by exclusive club called United Kingdom 😉

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