BBC censorship worse than Aljazeera

BBC has more strict policy on displaying “politically correct” images than Aljazeera. Why?

Look at the pictures on these two BBC news pages:

Do you see the pictures of Charlie Hebdo cartoons? NO!

Now compare it with Aljazeera:

Do you see the pictures of Charlie Hebdo cartoons? YES! – Front page is not there, but there are at least cartoons from inside of the magazine.

Conclusion… Whilst BBC if full of phrases of “freedom of speech”, it is a corporation with heavy censorship and bias. Their censorship is worse than Aljazeera. BBC tends to forget what country is their home country and who is paying their TV license fees… BBC tends to forget what are the values of the country their reside in…

BBC does not foresee what their current actions will do in the future. They may be very surprised if we all wake up one morning in Nigel Farage’s country…

Good morning BBC!


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