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BBC censorship worse than Aljazeera

BBC has more strict policy on displaying “politically correct” images than Aljazeera. Why? Look at the pictures on these two BBC news pages: Do you see the pictures of Charlie Hebdo cartoons? NO! Now compare it with Aljazeera: … Continue reading

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It’s the ideology, stupid

In today’s behind-the-pay wall Times of London pundit Danny Finkelstein writes about poor chances of Governor Mitt Romney to win the presidential race. How else, of course? It’s always all horrible for the Republicans in the UK press – right … Continue reading

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Re: “Capitalism isn’t working”

Couple of years ago I noticed this phrase on one of the banners in the hands of left-wing protester in London. I’m finally ready to reply: My dear friends, please try to understand that UK and most of other “Western … Continue reading

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