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The Spectator cold turkey: One month on report

This morning I read highly interesting if, how else, doom-gloomish interview in the Wall Street Journal with Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, on how free speech died on US campuses. See for yourself at … Continue reading

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Newsweek’s dancing on our graves

So that arch-liberal read-by-nobody magazine, oh pardon me, soon-to-be-online-only magazine, Newsweek in its latest issue depicts President Obama as a Napoleonic figure while the Republicans are ‘old, white and history’. I am afraid the irony has escaped the authors. So … Continue reading

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We are all Venezuelans in our hearts now

There’s an excellent article from Brett Stephens in today’s WSJ (unfortunately, behind the pay wall Stephens also points to another superb piece by Venezuelan blogger Daniel Duquenal who, after this week’s Dear leader Hugo’s victory wrote: People vote for … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney ‘starts fightback’, and I am with him (buying the first class seat on the Titanic November cruise)

Having been reading the National Review web and the Wall Street Journal in the last few days, it is all rather pilling up on poor Governor Romney. That always rather elusive chimera of a November Republican victory is slipping ever … Continue reading

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It’s the ideology, stupid

In today’s behind-the-pay wall Times of London pundit Danny Finkelstein writes about poor chances of Governor Mitt Romney to win the presidential race. How else, of course? It’s always all horrible for the Republicans in the UK press – right … Continue reading

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