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Scotland after the YES vote…

Mr. Salmond managed to spark flame of nationalism in Scotland. I can see euphoria and even aggression of the YES voters. But as I tweeted – be careful jumping into that euphoric river of independence, once it resides, you may … Continue reading

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The Spectator cold turkey: One month on report

This morning I read highly interesting if, how else, doom-gloomish interview in the Wall Street Journal with Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, on how free speech died on US campuses. See for yourself at … Continue reading

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Buzzzz. Elections are here!

Hello there! I just want to remind you not to forget to vote in the first (and probably the last) Police and Crime Commissioner Elections today. You know, one of Mr Cameron’s favourite toys, a few years ago that is. … Continue reading

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On Ed Miliband’s excellent speech

All the pundits told us today how Labour leader Ed Miliband gave an excellent speech of his life, yesterday.  I listened and after a few minutes I just couldn’t anymore. It was crass and shallow; full of the false sympathy … Continue reading

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Tony Blair – the statesman

I’ve always had an ambivalent opinion on Tony Blair and I must admit that is not something that happens often with me – usually I can make up my mind pretty quickly. In many respects Blair should be an archenemy … Continue reading

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Arab spring and liberals

It is very interesting to see how liberals –  on the news channels and in the press – are naive and expect that “Arab Spring” will ultimately result in democracy in Syria, Egypt, Libya and in other Arab countries where … Continue reading

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